Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Peek A Boo Bench

The latest project here at the hassle free home was a queen bed frame turned bench. The bed frame was purchased from  a yard sale. It was in good shape and solid oak & a good candidate for the project. I snatched it right up, stuffed it in the mini van and drove home to show the hubs what a wonderful thing I had found.  I don't think he shared my same excitement but none the less he was a trooper and helped with the build.

The next weekend there was a quick trip to Home Depot for a few boards & supplies for the project. My hubby is a professional carpenter by trade (I am spoiled I know) I can usually show him a photo of something similar I like & he can figure out the best way to build.The hubbs had it done in no time at all & then the fun starts for me! Lately I have been curious about chalk paint & I really wanted to try it on a project but the ASC paint is so not in the budget so I took to searching pinterest for a diy chalk paint recipe. The winning recipe was 1 cup latex paint 2 tbs Paris Plaster and 1/2 cup water.
The first layer of paint was a lovely creamy yellow- Sherwin Williams White Raisin mixed with the above chalk recipe. After a few hours of drying time I then painted over the yellow with a custom blue mixed chalk paint. I let this layer dry over night. The next day I could hardly wait to break out the sander to distress the bench enough to see the peek a boo yellow under neath the blue. I was right, it was gorgeous AND the chalk paint distressed so easily, I think I am hooked. I'm sure more projects are going to get this same dose of diy chalk paint. The very final step was to rub some paste wax.
I know you are all waiting on pins and needles to see the final project :) so here it is!

This one is my favorite photo-we got our chihuahua Roxey to pose on the bench with the bribery of cheese!
Don't you love the zebra pillows? I made those for about $5 bucks and minimal sewing because that is how I roll.

I had the hubbs make the seat wider than a normal bench. I wanted to be able to have comfy pillows on the bench & still be able to sit on it without playing musical pillows & move them around.
This bench was going to have a home on our deck BUT it is so cute I can't bare to put it outside in the weather & it is too big to fit in the entry way. Huge bummer for me,however could be good for someone else as I am putting this baby for sale on a local site.  classifieds. We will see if I get any bites but honestly it won't hurt my feelings if it takes awhile to sell as I love looking at it in our hassle free home.

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  1. That is ADORABLE! Great repurpose and beautiful bench! Love it!