Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Drop Cloth Slip Cover Couch

I would like to kiss whoever invented slip covers! It had to be a busy mom with at least a dozen kids & a dog or two running around the house.
We have the most comfortable couch..I know what you are thinking comfy= ugly. You would be right,it is. or was :)  I don't have any plans to get rid of the couch any time soon, I just keep sewing slip covers when I tire of the other.The latest cover was made from drop cloths purchased from Home Depot (The hubbs thought I had lost my mind but he came around) and FYI I am NO expert seamstress  but I figure that I am the only who would notice any imperfections so I just let it go & get it done. Remember the Nester's mo to "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful" doesn't that quote just set you free? It  does me.
I experimented with a skirt around the bottom of the couch and I also added cording to the design. I was a little nervous about adding the cording as I had only added it to one other project. (I will share that another day) I love the cording, it is not hard to do & really finishes off the couch. I have to say this was a low budget wonderful transformation. Sorry for the glare, one day I am going to take a photography class & purchase a real camera but I'd rather spend my money on my home. :)
Oh, I made the pillows the fabric was purchased online at Tonic Living  they have the most wonderful fabric styles & it always arrives so fast! The curtain fabric is also from Tonic & I no sewed them myself as well. I will share better photos of them later.

Thanks for joining me today at our hassle free home!


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