Sunday, March 25, 2012

DIY Pottery Barn Desk with BookCase

I saw this gorgeous solid wood desk on KSL awhile ago. It had so much potential....I had to have it! Plus it was a great deal. Once the deal was done and the desk was delivered I started with paint. Martha StewartsWinters Day. It is a lovely blue grey color. After a coat of paint I added Martha Stewart glaze Black Coffee to the small grooves in the bead board with q-tips to get the right amount of glaze until perfect. I then added new knobs from Hobby Lobby. I had plans to sand down the top and re stain but never got that far. Next I painted a bookcase I had in the girls room to match and moved it into my office. For the final touch I painted and antique window and hung my DIY book page wreath over the window. I work from home and this was a great place to retreat and get some work done. .P.S. I am a painter and NOT a photographer :)